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Your email marketing partner

We partner with B2B enterprises to build high impact email campaigns. We focus on identifying the best strategy for our given customer and circumstance.

We help generate leads, raise product awareness, improve engagement with target industry and build the asset of highly converting communication channels.

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Guidance on tech stack, method to manage and create campaigns 

Scale and delegate

Forward us functioning campaigns purely to scale 

Campaign management

Full management, evolution initiative and partnered approach. Full time partner and delegate.

Why Golden Outflow was born 

My first experience with an automated email campaign was getting a lead within 5 days of having it established. Since then, it offered a steady and reliable string of high quality business leads that were completely targeted and within my ICP. 


We now focus on helping enterprises locate their most engaged audience with the most appropriate content. Having a well made campaign with all the supporting data is a huge asset that compounds.


Sales teams have other tasks to focus on further down the pipeline. In order to work with great people and companies, we offer to work beside them and act as a delegate for email campaigns to generate multiple objectives. Most commonly, to generate leads,  however we focus on true engagement and conversion.


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